About the Firm

Our clients, our business partners, and our firm count on technology as a critical component of conducting business. Roetzel is committed to using such technology to strengthen and build our business relationships. We use "best of breed" technology to ensure that our systems are secure, stable, and available when needed. Our offices are linked together via a high-speed data and telecommunications network, providing secure and high speed remote access to our systems at any time, from nearly anywhere. This integration is a key asset to our clients for communication both within our offices and with outside parties. We use sophisticated document management technology to manage client information and create documents efficiently and accurately. Wireless-ready laptops and smart phone technology are utilized to stay connected when our attorneys are not in the office. Roetzel uses industry-standard technologies to ensure a problem-free exchange of information.

Practice Support

The effective use of technology also allows the firm to offer alternative and creative solutions to issues and to enhance our client partnerships. Some of the services offered include:

Trial Support

Roetzel employs highly trained analysts who provide both in-trial and pre-trial technology support. Our personnel have extensive courtroom experience, attending more than 50 trials per year. This effective use of technology to visually communicate information helps educate juries and enhance attorney arguments.

Graphic Illustrations, Medical Illustrations, and PowerPoint Design

Roetzel employs graphic artists and a Medical Illustrator for demonstrative exhibits, charts, graphs, timelines, and PowerPoint presentations that are used in trials, arbitrations, mediations, and other client engagements. They specialize in synthesizing complex ideas into easy-to-understand, professionally illustrated graphics. Many times this leads to juries' increased understanding of the information presented and reduced trial times.

Document Management

The firm utilizes state-of-the-art technology to electronically capture, manage, and share the vast amounts of case-related information. Attorneys can share documents with other parties without increased copy expenses. Documents are also portable, allowing attorneys 24/7 access to important files for better service and reduced costs.

Electronic Discovery and Computer Forensics

In addition to the traditional paper format, Roetzel is equipped to deal with electronically formatted data. Our attorneys know the best industry practices for the handling of E-Discovery.

Extranets / Electronic Data Rooms / Virtual Binders

The firm makes use of extranets to provide clients and third parties real-time access to confidential data via the web. This can be a cost-effective and versatile solution for collaboration between several remote locations, providing a secure means to capture and manage information.