Our Associate Program is strategically designed to gradually help you build a solid base of legal knowledge, establish a learning environment that promotes the growth and the success of your legal career, and understand how Roetzel attorneys build their own legal careers. In addition to developing strong legal skills, the firm encourages an institutional attitude of trust and camaraderie with your fellow attorneys. We know our associates are our future and will carry on the legacy and culture that have made Roetzel the unique firm that it is today. We are committed to investing in your professional success and personal job satisfaction. We know the practice of law involves more than just dictating memos and writing briefs. Roetzel represents clients in all types of local, regional, and national matters, which allows our associates to participate in interesting and challenging assignments. We purposely expose our associates to the reality of the practice by involving them in a variety of substantive matters and transactions, for hands-on learning opportunities.

There is a sense of camaraderie among the associates as they work side-by-side, learning from not only more senior attorneys, but also from each other.

Associates are evaluated on a yearly basis by supervising partners. Ongoing feedback is provided throughout the year in order to help associates progress during their career. As an associate, you will have an attorney mentor who will provide regular feedback and guidance on your productivity and assignments.

Professional Development
Professional development starts from the moment you begin working at Roetzel. You will attend practice group meetings that focus on important aspects of knowledge-building and analytical insight to help develop your professional skills. Associates have the opportunity to work alongside our attorneys, and directly with clients, to experience a variety of assignments and areas of law firsthand. Roetzel's focus on effectively serving the clients' needs creates an environment in which the best-suited attorney works on a project. This promotes an internal referral network based on expertise, and further contributes to the team-focused approach from which our clients benefit.

Associates are invited to attend business, legal and community events from the start. This involvement helps create a foundation on which to build community and professional involvement, as well as to develop business development skills.

Roetzel knows that your success is the firm's success. Therefore, through mentoring, associates gain an understanding of firm culture and expectations and begin to develop an identity within the office. Mentoring provides associates with a valuable and informal method of regularly gauging their progress. Because your professional development is key to becoming an excellent attorney, some of the sessions you will attend may include:

  • Matter intake/conflicts
  • Effective writing skills
  • Anatomy of a matter
  • Understanding the firm
  • Reading your personal production reports
  • Marketing of the firm and marketing as associates
  • Effective time management
  • Electronic courtroom
  • Effective use of technology