Roetzel's Summer Associate and Associate Programs are administered with a strategic eye toward creating the professional and personal growth opportunities necessary for becoming a successful attorney. We understand the importance of thoroughly preparing you for your legal careers. Roetzel mainly hires second-year law students for its Summer Associate Program for the time period of May to August. Roetzel does consider first-year law students on a selected basis. We select law students who possess high academic achievement, a strong work ethic, effective problem solving skills and Roetzel cultural traits necessary to become a productive, valued associate at Roetzel.

The summer associate class size is hired with the intent of offering each law student a full-time job upon graduation, based upon each office's anticipated staffing needs for the following fall. We believe our approach allows you the opportunity to prove your technical, professional, and social skills without feeling that your fellow summer associates are competing for the same position. This is an extension of our firm's overall emphasis on a team-oriented environment.

As a summer associate, you will receive a first-hand opportunity to apply law school theories to real-world situations. Roetzel offers exposure to a wide variety of practice areas and legal matters to challenge you. You are also offered the flexibility and the opportunity to focus more on a particular area of law that may interest you. Client-centered service, professional growth, and teamwork - this is Roetzel's culture. Our firm fosters professional development as you look to find the area of law in which you ultimately want to practice.

Our summer associates work alongside Roetzel attorneys. You are encouraged to attend and participate in hearings, depositions, mediations, closings, and client meetings where you are exposed to the legal arena. Assignments include: research; memo writing; and drafting of pleadings and motions.

Feedback and constructive comments are essential to the success of our Summer Associate Program. Each assigning attorney prepares a written evaluation of your work product and provides informative feedback at the end of the project. The Summer Associate Coordinator also meets regularly with each of you to discuss progress. This allows you to have a fair idea of your progress on projects - where your strengths lie and how to address weaknesses - before the end of the summer. Our goals are two-fold: to ensure that as a summer associate, you get an accurate picture of what being a "Roetzel attorney" is all about, and to help develop your legal skills.

At the end of the program, you are evaluated based on work product, communication skills, and compatibility. This information is gathered from the overall summer evaluations submitted by assigning attorneys, as well as the input from other attorneys who have interacted with you. A team of attorneys reviews the information to make final determinations on hiring decisions.

Professional Development
As a summer associate, you are encouraged to attend regularly scheduled associate and practice group meetings and training sessions offered throughout the summer. For example, it is at the practice group meetings where you will hear about client matters and business development initiatives. You will also have the opportunity to receive specific training alongside our associates during the Associate Training Program.

We have an established Mentoring Program that consists of junior and senior attorneys who are assigned to you, in order to foster a smooth transition from law student to summer associate. These mentors meet regularly with the summer associates to provide feedback. They often address questions regarding work performance, suggest ways to improve certain skills, and answer questions regarding the firm or its procedures.

The goal of the Mentoring Program is to provide you with the support needed - in a casual informal manner - for your overall success while with the firm. Our summer associates find that the majority of attorneys in each office proactively take the time to get to know them and involve them in projects. These relationships often prove invaluable to many summer associates who have subsequently been hired as full-time associates upon graduation.

Social Activities
In addition to the emphasis on professional development, we also believe social development is important. During the course of the summer, you are invited to attend activities with our lawyers in both professional and social settings. Our attorneys are very active in each of their communities and often attend business and civic meetings, as well as charity events. Many times, both our summer associates and associates are invited to attend, which provides you an opportunity to interact directly with business decision makers. It is also an opportunity to learn and practice networking skills. In addition to city-specific events, you will have the opportunity to interact with summer associates from other Roetzel offices, beginning with the first day of orientation.

Recruiting Contacts
To be considered for a position in Roetzel's Summer Associate Program, please submit your resume to:

Erika L. Haupt