Jan 1, 2018

Be Careful about Working for a Home Health Agency


Home visiting companies and home health agencies across the country are under increased scrutiny.  Chicago is considered a hot spot for fraudulent activity in home health.  According to the Chicago Tribune, in the last five years, federal investigators estimate home health agencies improperly collected at least $104 million dollars.  Many agencies, physicians and others have been indicted and charged in numerous fraud schemes.  The schemes may include lying about the patients they are serving or putting false tests and procedures in the patient files.  Still others engage in far worse activities, including using the identities of patients to fraudulently bill and to deny patients the goods and services they need.

Home health agencies and home visiting companies are employers that physicians should approach with great caution.  Such companies are often attractive to physicians who are retired, in poor health, seeking extra income or are not busy enough in their own practice. If you or someone you know is currently working for such a company or considering such a position, there are some important issues to keep in mind.

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