May 27, 2016

Informed Consent: A Review


Physicians often use informed consent forms that they receive from colleagues or directly from a manufacturer or a drug company that provided the item or product that is the subject of the consent. Typically, these consent forms will state the major potential side effects and concerns arising from the procedure, medication, etc. However, standards for informed consent vary from state to state. This makes it difficult to find a uniform consent that works for everyone. Many physicians fail to even review the forms they use to determine if they meet state laws, standards of practice or specific regulations (such as “black box” warnings issused by the FDA). Many more physicians fail to update the forms over time as laws change or new side effects are discovered.

In this AHRPM article, Roetzel's Ericka Adler writes with Sydney Mayer about informed consent.

RPNews Magazine (AHRPM)
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