Oct 18, 2022

Roetzel & Andress Receives Mansfield 5.0 Certification

Roetzel & Andress is pleased to announce it has received Mansfield 5.0 Certification. Issued by Diversity Lab, Mansfield Certification is given to law firms that demonstrate a commitment to diversifying leadership at the firm through the satisfaction of a defined set of criteria.  

“We are tremendously proud of our recent Mansfield certification and the commitment to diversifying leadership at the firm that is represented by the achievement,” said Roetzel Chairman Robert E. Blackham. “We commend our industry peers and those who have committed to the multi-year, multi-disciplinary process needed to obtain, and maintain, this important certification, and look forward to strengthening the momentum behind the movement, together.” 

The goal of the Mansfield Rule, and its resulting certification, is an expansion of diverse attorneys in law firm leadership through a broadening of the candidate pool. Firms are audited bi-annually and certified annually as they follow, comply, and achieve the Rules’ requirements. 

“It takes a lot of work for firms to make even incremental changes to longstanding systems, and it is an absolute honor for the Diversity Lab team to see what these firms have achieved over the course of the year-long certification cycle,” said Kavita Ramakrishnan, Diversity Lab’s Mansfield Rule and Knowledge Sharing Senior Director. “The firms enthusiastically engaged with Mansfield’s rigorous challenges while sharing learnings with each other to ensure a collective “win.” Every Certified and Certified Plus firm should take great pride in this hard-earned accomplishment!”

Roetzel is committed to maintaining its certification under the upcoming Mansfield 6.0 program, which includes an expanded set of criteria for 2022-2023, and fostering diversity within the firm and industry as a whole.

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