Apr 12, 2013

Roetzel Named 2013 Firm of the Year in Multiple Disciplines by Corporate INTL

Roetzel is proud to announce that it has been chosen as Firm of the Year in multiple disciplines and across multiple jurisdictions by the Corporate INTL 2013 Global Awards. The Firm of the Year designation was received in:

  • Trademark law (Florida)
  • Environmental law (Ohio)
  • Patent law (Ohio)
  • Complex Business Litigation (Washington, D.C.)

The Corporate INTL Global Awards honor the firms that have shown excellence in their fields throughout the United States and in an array of countries worldwide. All award winners are chosen through processes of public nominations and detailed research looking at service range, business type, geographical location, how the business operates and the expertise each law firm can offer to clients and companies in their respective practice areas. The firms are then reviewed by an independent awards panel consisting of business leaders, experts in the relevant field of law and the managing editor of Corporate INTL Magazine.

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