Jun 11, 2020 | Columbus Office

Roetzel Sponsors Artist to Paint Messages of Healing and Unity in Columbus

Roetzel’s Columbus office was proud to sponsor an artist last weekend to create a positive and uplifting mural to decorate the plywood fence in front of the Huntington Center on High Street in Columbus.

Tenants of the building, which includes Roetzel, came together to sponsor Columbus-based visual artists to turn the 360-foot long temporary plywood panels in front of the Huntington Center into symbols of unity among unrest. The initiative was started by the Greater Columbus Arts Council (GCAC) and the Columbus Association for the Performing Arts, which mobilized more than 30 artists to paint murals on the plywood coverings at the GCAC offices and at the Ohio Theater. 

When the artists were done painting, it sparked the interest of other local artists and businesses in Columbus. The GCAC website now has a toolkit to connect businesses seeking to hire artists with artists willing to paint. 
“When Hines, the manager of the Huntington Center, approached us to participate in the mural project, we immediately signed on,” said Erika Haupt, Shareholder in Charge of Roetzel’s Columbus office. “Our country is in the midst of significant turmoil. Roetzel is committed to inclusion, and we look forward to working with community leaders to effect change.”

The Huntington Center plans to find a way to repurpose the materials and artwork after the fence comes down. To view some of the artwork, you can search #board41 on Instagram. 

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