Jun 1, 2017 | Columbus Office

Thomas Rosenberg, Columbus Partner, Quoted in Construction Dive

Partner Thomas Rosenberg comments on the Trump administration's 2018 budget proposal and how it could help the construction industry. 

From the article:

Another good-news aspect of the proposed budget is a call for reduced regulation, which includes tweaks to certain environmental requirements, holding agencies accountable for a smooth and correctly executed permitting process, a single point of contact for federal permits, passing off the regulatory process to local and state governments when necessary and an attempt to curb litigation.

"The contractor community is challenged by all the competing regulatory agencies that are out there," Rosenberg said, "and while there may be other issues of primary concern … right behind that is the massive regulatory process. It makes it hard for a small, family-owned business to participate because of paper work requirements and other conditions that come into play."

Excerpted from "How Trump's 2018 budget could help — and harm — the construction industry."