Toxic Tort

Our Toxic Tort attorneys handle a wide variety of lawsuits resulting from the manufacture, handling, use, sale, and disposal of chemicals and other alleged harmful substances.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in handling toxic tort cases and have immersed themselves in the science and law to understand the underlying issues at hand in order to credibly present our cases to judges and juries.

These materials include popcorn flavoring, lead, silica, asbestos, CCAs, mold, PCBs, latex, trichloroethane, benzene, creosote, diazinon, paint, toluene, vinyl chloride, talc, manganese, radioactive slag, chromium, TCE, and methane gas.

We also litigate matters involving alleged injuries and property damage claims resulting from exposure to chemicals, building and commercial products, and air, water and soil contamination. In addition, our group represents clients in cases involving exposure or contamination resulting from catastrophic fires and spills, use of toxic substances, and other product-specific claims.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in handling toxic tort cases and have immersed themselves in the science and law to understand the underlying issues at hand in order to credibly present our cases to judges and juries. In addition, we involve our Medical Defense attorneys to take depositions of specialized medical doctors in toxic tort cases. Our nurse consultants on staff are former practitioners and also provide invaluable insight and qualifications to such cases.

Roetzel attorneys are experienced in handling any size case - from individual actions, regarding single exposures, to mass tort filings. We practice in the federal, state, and local trial courts, as well as in state and federal appellate courts.

Our Experience

  • Serve as national coordinating counsel for an insurer in all mass tort litigation (silicosis and asbestos)
  • Serve as Ohio counsel in asbestos litigation for the world's largest integrated oil company
  • Serve as Ohio counsel in asbestos litigation for two large domestic auto manufacturers
  • Serve as national counsel on popcorn flavoring litigation for flavoring manufacturer
  • Represented a Fortune 50 domestic automobile manufacturer against claims that the plaintiff developed mesothelioma as a result of exposure to asbestos
  • Defended a class action suit involving radioactive slag which was accidentally spread throughout a community as driveway gravel, road aggregate, and foundation material
  • Defended a lawsuit by a school district resulting from a ground water plumb containing TCE that migrated below the school and to the local water system
  • Defended a lawsuit for property damage allegedly resulting from release of hexavalent chromium
  • Defended cases alleging migration of methane gas from solid waste landfills and construction and demolition landfills
  • Represented a leading provider of agricultural products and solutions against a plaintiff claim that her husband's exposure to PCBs caused his leukemia and death
  • Defended a mold remediation and drying contractor against allegations of bodily injury and property damage as a result of exposure to mold. The plaintiffs were homeowners who hired the contractor to complete mold remediation following a hail storm that resulted in roof leaks
  • Defended a lawsuit dealing with allegations of chemical exposure allegedly due to a defective / malfunctioning furnace motor
  • Defended a masonry materials provider against claims involving silica exposure due to working with bricks and blocks sold by the company
  • Represented an energy company in a personal injury case involving discharge of fly ash emissions
  • Defended a manufacturer of welding products against a personal injury action for welding rod discharge, allegedly causing Parkinson's disease
  • Represented a global supplier of metallurgical products against a claimed class action for personal injury and property damage as a result of exposure to radioactive slag
  • Represented property owners against allegations brought on behalf of two plaintiffs that they were exposed to lead in an apartment and developed severe brain damage and developmental disabilities
  • Defended a latex balloon manufacturer against allegations of latex exposure
  • Represented a submersible pump manufacturer against plaintiffs' claims that their various medical problems were caused by exposure to PAHs from lubricating oil used in the pump, which had leaked into their well water
  • Represented a shared counsel group of chemical manufacturers against a former employee's family claim that exposure to toluene and xylene caused the employee's leukemia and death
  • Represented a Fortune 250 chemical manufacturer in a wrongful death case in which an employee alleged that exposure to paints and other chemicals in the workplace caused an employee's decedent to contract nasopharyngeal cancer
  • Represented several large chemical manufacturers in a shared counsel group in a case involving exposure to 1,1,1 trichloroethane
  • Represented eight chemical manufacturers in a vinyl chloride monomer exposure case in which a railroad worker claimed cancer as a result of exposure to various manufacturers' products in tanker railcars in rail yards
  • Represented a large local company in a suit involving exposure to halon gas alleged to cause permanent respiratory damage
  • Provided counsel for a manufacturer of gaskets and other high-temperature sealing products in more than 3,000 asbestos cases

What We Do

  • Class action litigation
  • Federal and state government regulatory issues
  • Insurance coverage
  • Loss prevention analysis
  • Mass tort litigation
  • Predecessor and successor liability issues
  • Risk management analysis

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