Transportation Contract Review

Our attorneys assist in reviewing and negotiating transportation agreements proposed by their vendors or customers, and assist in identifying issues and negotiating favorable terms. In other instances, our attorneys draft agreements from the outset of a relationship, starting with an idea or a term sheet, and crafting a full-fledged written contract with necessary terms and conditions.

Contracts specific to the transportation sector include broker-carrier contracts, owner-operator agreements, and shipper-vendor contracts. However, we also review and draft numerous other types of contracts that are essential for the transportation industry, such as commercial leases, non-disclosure agreements, non-solicitation agreements, web design agreements, liability waivers, lending agreements, conditional sale agreements, and many others.

Our People

Representative Services

  • Review transportation contracts and advise on revisions and additions
  • Draft transportation contracts
  • Negotiate transportation contracts
  • Evaluate risks and benefits of specific transportation contract provisions
  • Identify additional needs such as insurance and other contracts to fully protect and grow the business

Representative Matters

  • Drafted a form broker transportation services agreement for a shipper of durable goods for use with brokers
  • Performed a review and revision of all contracts for an expedited freight motor carrier with the carrier's shippers, brokers and vendors
  • Performed a review and revision of all contracts for a transportation broker with the broker's motor carriers, shippers and vendors
  • Drafted third-party logistics provider contracts on behalf of LTL motor carrier
  • Reviewed and revised passenger authorization form for a motor carrier
  • Drafted independent contractor lease agreement between a motor carrier and an owner-operator

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