Transportation Regulatory Compliance

Numerous state and federal statutes and regulations apply to businesses in the transportation industry.  Our attorneys assist clients in navigating and complying with the myriad interstate and intrastate rules and regulations to enhance safety and to allow our clients to accomplish their goals.  The Transportation Team takes an A-to-Z approach by evaluating the client’s business, identifying issues, addressing specific needs or concerns, and oftentimes multiple options and solutions.

When a regulatory compliance dispute arises with a state or federal administrative agency, our attorneys are prepared to defend and represent clients to address the dispute and resolve any residual issues. We have the experience to successfully defend clients in any administrative or civil litigation proceeding.

Our People

Representative Services

  • Obtain interstate and intrastate operating authority
  • Transfer or cancel operating authority
  • Advise on pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, return-to-duty and follow-up drug and alcohol screening and retention
  • Perform mock DOT audit of transportation company to ensure compliance with regulations
  • Review logs and other data to ensure compliance with the hours-of-service regulations
  • Advise on which regulations are applicable under circumstances facing a transportation company
  • Draft and maintain internal policies to ensure compliance
  • Review and advise driver training materials and programs to ensure compliance
  • Advise on driver file content and retention and maintenance file content and retention, and post-accident drug and alcohol screening and retention, among other matter
  • Assist client in returning to a satisfactory rating
  • Advise on insurance requirements
  • Address errors and issues with information posted on SAFER and SMS data
  • Represent clients in administrative proceedings before the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio

Representative Matters

  • Performed mock DOT audit of a for-hire motor carrier to ensure compliance with all applicable state and federal regulations
  • Assisted for-hire motor carrier in transferring authority to another entity during a corporate restructuring
  • Addressed and responded to a “Notice of Apparent Violation And Intent To Assess Forfeiture” issued by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
  • Assisted motor carrier in addressing and appealing an Unsatisfactory rating issued by the PUCO
  • Prepared training and policy manuals for motor carrier to use with its drivers
  • Drafted checklist to ensure creation, collection and maintenance of items required for driver qualification file
  • Defended motor carrier in a civil forfeiture proceeding
  • Advised transportation company in the return-to-work process for a driver that had failed a post-accident drug and alcohol screen
  • Reviewed medical examination reports and medical certifications for motor carrier’s drivers to determine compliance with the DOT regulations
  • Advised hazardous materials transporter on the applicable state and federal regulations to ensure compliance
  • Performed audit of driver logs and other data to determine compliance with the hours-of-service regulations
  • Advised oil and gas company on regulations that apply to transport of passengers to and from the work site

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