Sep 5, 2017

Hurricane Preparedness: Last Minute Tips

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With Hurricane Irma’s track still uncertain, Associations are in the process of executing their preparedness plans.  If you are worried that your preparedness plan is out-of date, here are some checklist items that you still have time to implement:

  • Ask Residents to update their Emergency Contact Information. Where do they want to receive updates on evacuations, storm damage and mitigation efforts?
  • Make sure you have recent photos or video of the property – including roofs and other areas likely to sustain damage.
  • Electronic copies of Employee Contact Information, Vendor Information, Bank Information / Account Numbers, Insurance Policies / Agent Information, Personal Property Inventory, Pictures and Video, and As Built Plans/ Specifications should be kept off-site or electronically with an Association agent outside of the hurricane zone.  
  • Appoint an individual as the owners’ primary contact with the Association in the event of a disaster. That person should not be local, should be able to coordinate with a person locally, and should be sophisticated enough with social media to provide updates to owners through that forum. If there is storm damage, that person may consider setting up a Facebook page to post pictures after the storm to keep owners in the loop. 
  • For each insurance policy, know in advance where notice should be sent and how it should be sent. Your agent may usually facilitate this process, but your agent may also be out of reach during this time. It is best practice to have pre-prepared a form Notice of Claim, the address and phone number of each carrier for notice, and know the timeframes for notice for each policy.
  • Advance contracting with roofing contractors about securing the property immediately after the storm and contracting in advance for landscaping / debris removal may place you higher on the service list should you sustain damage.

The above are just a few of the considerations for hurricane preparedness, in addition to securing the physical property.  If you have any questions about hurricane preparedness or post-storm actions, our team is available to assist you. Our Community Association Group also offers a full hurricane preparedness seminar as part of its complimentary annual seminar programming.  Dates are upcoming for Spring 2018.

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