Mar 8, 2019

Ohio Property Owners: Deadline for Appeal of Property Taxes is Fast Approaching

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If you own real estate or are contemplating a real estate purchase, give some thought to your property taxes. Specifically, give some thought to whether you might be able to reduce your property taxes.

Every parcel of real property in Ohio is reappraised by the County Auditor every six years (sexennial), which appraisal is then updated after three years (triennial).  Different counties are on different sexennial and triennial cycles.

Ohio permits property owners to appeal their property valuation for tax purposes once per triennial by filing a Complaint Against Valuation with the county Board of Revision. Typically, a hearing is set at which evidence is presented, and the local school district has an opportunity to contest the requested reduction. If the desired result is not obtained at the Board of Revision, there is an opportunity to appeal to the Ohio Board of Tax Appeals, and thereafter to the Ohio Supreme Court. In many cases, property owners are able to reduce their property tax bill dramatically.

The deadline for filing a Complaint Against Valuation with the Board of Revision is March 29, so interested property owners need to move quickly. Any property owner evaluating the option to appeal property taxes should consult with qualified legal counsel as early as possible.

Roetzel has broad experience in filing Complaints Against Valuation and in preparing for, and conducting, hearings before Boards of Revision and the Ohio Board of Tax Appeals. If you need assistance in appealing your property tax value, please do not hesitate to contact the attorney listed below or your own Roetzel attorney.

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