Jan 12, 2023

Roetzel HealthLaw HotSpot: Using Social Media to Grow Your Healthcare Practice and Educate Patients


Roetzel HealthLaw HotSpot® is a podcast and YouTube channel for physicians and health professionals that covers the legal issues and trends that affect the health care industry.

Social media, especially YouTube is a popular way to promote healthcare practices, so this week on the HealthLaw HotSpot, host Ericka Adler is joined by special guest Dr. Baljinder Bathla, CEO and Founder of Chicago Sports and Spine and host of the Pain Minute Podcast, for a discussion on how physicians can effectively use social media channels to promote and grow their medical specialty and their health care practice. Dr. Bathla shares how he started his YouTube channel, the challenges in filming content, and how he uses the channel as an educational and marketing tool for patients online and in his office. Dr. Bathla describes how his social medial success has been received by patients and other healthcare providers, and how the experience has helped him better connect with patients in person. Finally, Dr. Bathla and Ericka cover some legal challenges that can arise in online and social media marketing and share ideas for how practitioners can use social media successfully in the new year.

To listen, download the episode on Apple Podcasts or click here. To watch the episode on YouTube, click the link below:

Watch Using Social Media to Grow Your Healthcare Practice and Educate Patients