Sep 16, 2022

Increase in the Fees Charged for Estoppel Certificates

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In accordance with Florida Statutes 718.116, 719.108 and 720.30851, fees for estoppel certificates shall be adjusted every five (5) years in an amount equal to the total of the annual increases for that 5-year period in the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers, US City Average, All Items.  The Department of Business and Professional Regulation has calculated the increased fees for estoppel certificates.  For Condominiums, Cooperatives and Homeowners’ Associations, the current estoppel fees that can be charged are as follows:

Preparation and Delivery of Estoppel Certificate Not more than $299
Expedited/Rush Request and Delivered in 3 business days Additional $119
If unit/parcel is delinquent Additional fee not to exceed $179
For multiple Units/Parcels owned by same owner,
simultaneously requested from same Association,
and no past due amounts owed, the total fee that
can be charged may not exceed, in the aggregate
25 or less units/ parcels, $896
26 to 50 units/ parcels, $1,194
51 to 100 units/ parcels, $1,791
More than 100 units/ parcels, $2,985

If the Board of an Association wants to charge these increased estoppel fees, it is likely it will need to amend its current written resolution on estoppel certificates and estoppel fees.  We recommend reviewing your resolution with your attorney to determine what steps need to be taken so your Association can charge these higher fees.

Please contact Roetzel’s Community Association Law Team for further guidance and details regarding this Bill.    

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