Mar 18, 2020

Additional Closings in Ohio Announced by Governor DeWine by EOB Today

Alert | Public Law Alert

Governor Mike DeWine has announced additional closings as of close of business today to try to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and encourage people to comply with social distancing.

  • Deputy Registrars across the state will be closed. There will be 5 locations statewide, that will be left open to renew and issue new CDL licenses only. The five locations have not yet been released by the BMV. They are aksing people to use online services for vehicle registrations, car dealerships to issue 90 day tags and for the General Assembly to provide a grace period for people who are unable to renew their licenses because of the closures. They are asking that law enforcement in the state take the closures into consideration and to not issue tickets for expired driver’s licenses.
  • Local driver exam stations will be closed.
  • All salons, barbers, nail salons, tattoo parlors are closed.

The Governor is asking that all businesses who have employees coming into work check their employee’s temperature when the employee arrives at work and take aggressive measures to clean and disinfect work areas.  

The Governor has also said that the following changes will happen over the next several days:

  • Health care entities will be setting up child care settings for children of health care providers and first responders
  • Day care centers will be closed
  • School closures will need to be extended.

While there is not a plan to shut down all businesses in the state, that is an option that is still on the table should people not heed warnings and take steps to reduce transmissions. He also said that the National Guard is helping some hospitals with setting up tents and food banks with distribution of food but these are instances where the entities being helped requested the assistance. There is no plan at this time to use them for other activities.

Lt. Governor Husted has said that they are working with the federal government on how to provide unemployment benefits to 1099 workers who typically are not eligible. Also how to address employees who work in field such as restaurants where their average salary may not meet the minimum required levels. The state has submitted their certification to the US Small Business Administration so that small businesses in the state will be eligible to file for disaster relief loans. Unemployment applications are above 78,000 and are being processed as quickly as possible.

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