Sep 14, 2017

Cities of Cleveland and Toledo Post Primary Election Results Setting the Slate for November 7 General Election

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The Mayoral and all 17 City Council seats are up for re-election this November. Tuesday’s Primary Election saw every incumbent move on to the General Election.

Mayor Frank Jackson, running for an unprecedented fourth term, won the Primary Election with 38.7% of the vote in a field of eight candidates. Ward 2 Councilman Zack Reed came in second with 21.9% of the vote and the two will face off in the General Election. Ward 10 Councilman Jeffrey Johnson was third with 15.4% of the votes. It should be noted that voter turnout was very low for the Primary - only 13% of eligible voters actually voted, and turnout was generally lower in the Council Wards that did not have a Primary. The General Election is November 7 and Early Voting starts October 11.

The City Council General Election contests are now set as follows:

Ward 1:        Councilman Terrell Pruitt faces Former Councilman Joe Jones[*]

Ward 2:        Kevin Bishop* faces Geoff Fitch [to replace Zack Reed] 

Ward 3:        Councilman Kerry McCormack faces Logan Fahey 

Ward 4:        Councilman Ken Johnson* faces Gail Sparks 

Ward 5:        Councilwoman Phyllis Cleveland* faces Richard Starr

Ward 6:        Councilman Blaine Griffin* [appointed earlier this year] faces Joshua Perkins McHamm 

Ward 7:        Councilman TJ Dow* faces Basheer Jones

Ward 8:        Councilman Michael Polensek faces Donald Boyd 

Ward 9:        Councilman Kevin Conwell* faces Anthony Body 

Ward 10:      Cuyahoga County Councilman Anthony Hairston* faces former Councilman Eugene Miller [to replace Jeff Johnson] 

Ward 11:      Councilwoman Dona Brady faces Gilder Malone 

Ward 12:      Councilman Anthony Brancatelli faces Shalira Taylor 

Ward 13:      Council President Kevin Kelley* faces Michele Burk 

Ward 14:      Councilman Brian Cummins faces Jasmin Santana*

Ward 15:      Councilman Matt Zone faces Alex Karrfalt 

Ward 16:      Councilman Brian Kazy faces Ellen Cleary 

Ward 17:      Councilman Martin Keane faces John F. Kelly


The Mayoral Primary Election narrowed the field of four candidates to two. Incumbent Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson, won the Primary with nearly 39% of the vote. County Treasurer Wade Kapszukiewicz came in second with nearly 34% of the vote. Both candidates are Democrats.

There are six At-Large Council seats on the ballot this November. Yesterday’s Primary Election narrowed the field from 13 to 12. Thomas Names was knocked out of contention and the remaining 12 will vie for the six seats on November 7. The candidates are:  Councilman Sandy Spang; Councilman Rob Ludeman; Councilman Larry Sykes; Councilwoman Cecelia Adams; Councilman Kurt Young and challengers Harvey Savage, Jr.; Gary Johnson;  Nick Komives; Patricia Robinson; Alfonso Narvaez; Clyde Phillips, Jr.; and Sam Melden.

Turnout was also low in Toledo - just over 13% of registered voters turned out to vote in Tuesday’s Primary Election.

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[*] won the September 12 Primary Election

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