Mar 13, 2020

Ohio Governor Announces New COVID-19 Cases in Ohio; State Takes Additional Precautions

Alert | Public Law Alert

Governor DeWine has announced that the state continues to see new cases of the virus with positive tests coming out of both NE and SW Ohio.  The state is taking the following steps:

  1. DC has granted the requested waiver which will allow schools to prepackage and deliver meals to students while the students are on the extended leave. Further the state is requesting several other waivers from federal regulatory requirements.
  2. The state is NOT closing day care centers at this time, however may take that step in the near future and everyone should be prepared for that to happen. The state is filing emergency rules which will relax current teacher/child ratios such that centers will be able to shift staff as employees miss work due to illness or the need to self-quarantine.
  3. There will be no visitors allowed at county jails or community correctional facilities. Those facilities will also have to screen everyone entering the facility for signs of illness.

Many county and municipal courts are acting to postpone cases scheduled in the upcoming weeks.  It will be necessary to check with the local court to determine what policies they are implementing and whether there is going to be changes to their calendars.
Attorney General Yost has released an updated Sunshine Laws Manual which includes information on how government bodies can continue to function while under the state of emergency declared by Governor DeWine.  The manual is available here

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