Mar 15, 2020

Ohio Governor Issues Order Closing All Ohio Bars and Restaurants

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Governor Mike DeWine announced that Dr. Amy Acton, Director of Health, has issued an order closing all of Ohio’s bars and restaurants as of 9 p.m. this evening for dine-in customers. Carry-out and delivery services will still be available. In announcing these closures, Lt. Governor Jon Husted said that bar/restaurant owners may return unopened, high-end, liquor products for a refund. Information on the buy-back can be found at 877-812-0013 or Lt. Governor Husted also announced that Governor DeWine has signed an executive order expanding the state’s unemployment compensation coverage including:

  1. Employees will not have to wait to file for benefits
  2. Modifications on how claims will impact employer’s rates
  3. What events trigger eligibility for unemployment compensation.

Additional information can be found online here.  

The Lt. Governor explained that the Ohio Development Services Agency is submitting a request to the US Small Business Administration for Economic Injury Disaster Loans of up to $2 million for small businesses.  This money will be available to pay fixed debts, payroll, accounts payable etc. The loan terms will be individualized to the small business and may be maximized up to 30 years.  There will be a similar loan program available for not-for-profits.

During his comments the Governor indicated that at some point in time he will be closing day care centers in the state. The administration is working with health care entities establishing onsite daycares for their employees, issuing necessary waivers from licensure requirements that may impede their ability to provide this service to their health care staff.  He also indicated that our schools should be planning for the 3 week break to be extended past April 6th.  At this time he has not formally issued this order but believes that extending the closures will need to happen.  He requested that all businesses in the state have their employees work from home if possible.  Businesses that have already moved employees to working from home are being asked to re-examine those still going into work and determining whether any additional employees can work remotely.  Finally, it was indicated that the Governor will be seeking a ban on all elective health procedures.

Look for additional information in the coming days on closures, restrictions and ways to apply for or access the assistance that the state and federal government will be providing.

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