Feb 11, 2021

Roetzel HealthLaw HotSpot: PPP Loans - Frequently Asked Questions


Roetzel HealthLaw HotSpot® is a podcast and YouTube channel for physicians and health professionals that covers the legal issues and trends that affect the health care industry. In this episode of the Roetzel HealthLaw HotSpot, hosts and Roetzel attorneys Ericka Adler and David Hochman are joined by fellow Roetzel attorney Donna Hartl for a discussion of frequently asked questions regarding Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loans. They provide answers and guidance to questions such as: Who can apply for the Second Draw PPP (PPP 2) loan? Should I apply for a PPP 2 loan if I’m eligible, but do not need it at this time? How can I sell all or part of my business if I have an outstanding PPP loan? What is included in gross receipts for PPP 2 loan? What should I do if I have also received other government aid for payroll during the pandemic, such as HHS money, EIDL money, Medicare Advance money, or IRS employee retention credits?

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