Aug 26, 2021

Roetzel HealthLaw HotSpot: What Does FDA Approval Mean for Employer Vaccination Mandates?


Roetzel HealthLaw HotSpot® is a podcast and YouTube channel for physicians and health professionals that covers the legal issues and trends that affect the health care industry.

While as a general rule, employers can mandate the COVID vaccine, or any vaccine, as a condition of employment, there are many caveats to this rule that make this issue anything but simple. Host Ericka Adler, Roetzel shareholder and Health Law Practice Group Leader is joined this week by Karen Adinolfi, a Shareholder in Roetzel's Employment Services group, for a discussion about navigating the complex employment law issues surrounding vaccine mandates. This includes breaking down the two most common challenges to achieving 100% workforce vaccination, effectively accommodating employee disabilities and religious beliefs, along with analyzing how to balance the liability risks of terminating an employee versus potentially exposing patients, customers and clients to the virus.

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Watch What Does FDA Approval Mean for Employer Vaccination Mandates?