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Roetzel Consulting Solutions

Roetzel Consulting Solutions LLC (RCS) is a full-service, bipartisan consulting company. Our professionals have decades of experience representing clients where the private and public sectors intersect. We create innovative strategies to help define and reach client objectives. While some members of our team are licensed attorneys, RCS provides consulting services, not legal advice. Often our work is complementary to the legal work of Roetzel & Andress attorneys.

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Our Team

Lewis W. Adkins, Jr., President, Roetzel Consulting Solutions

With decades of public affairs experience, Lewis is a sought-after advisor for procurement, government relations, and for creating and executing complex strategies to help clients reach their goals. He serves as lead strategist to numerous large, public and private entities throughout Ohio and Washington, D.C. He has also advised developers on several multi-million dollar development projects. His clients include public and private entities, as well as diversified energy companies, governmental entities, housing authorities, and nonprofit organizations. Additionally, Lewis is on the Board of Trustees for the University of Akron.

While he is a licensed attorney and admitted to the Bar in Ohio, Lewis is not providing legal advice in his role as President of Roetzel Consulting Solutions.

Diana M. Feitl, Vice President, Roetzel Consulting Solutions

Diana counsels small and large companies, government organizations, and nonprofit entities on legislative matters in a diverse range of industries.

Prior to joining RCS, Diana worked in Washington, D.C. for a Member of Congress where she staffed key committees, including the House Committee on Rules, the Judiciary Committee, and the Energy and Commerce Committee. She also worked at a government relations firm in Washington, D.C. where she represented clients before Congress and the Executive Branch on a variety of federal issues, including those related to health care, education, and transportation.

While she is a licensed attorney and admitted to the Bar in Ohio, Diana is not providing legal advice in her role as Vice President of Roetzel Consulting Solutions.

Jason Dodson, Director, Roetzel Consulting Solutions

As Director of Roetzel Consulting Solutions, Jason focuses on providing comprehensive solutions to both public and private clients alike, including governmental relations, economic development, business development, communications and crisis management. He understands that most complex matters involve strategic, practical and political considerations, and he assists his clients in balancing these dynamics during their decisions-making process. Jason’s experience in local and state government and politics enable him to provide unique and valuable insight to obtain his client’s desired outcome.

Jason is well-versed in developing and assisting public-private partnerships that have advanced projects in many Northeast Ohio communities. Given his years of experience on the public side of these transactions, he is able to represent both local governments looking to improve their communities through investment, as well as private entities looking to navigate the complex framework of local, state and federal laws to make a development project a reality. Jason’s project management skills and his detailed knowledge of the landscape of local and state incentives, programs and assistance can be critical to ensuring your project’s success.

Prior to joining Roetzel and Andress, Jason served as Chief of Staff to two County Executives in Summit County, Ohio over an 11-year period. Immediately prior to serving as Chief of Staff, he served as Assistant Director of Law for Summit County. He also represented public, for-profit and non-profit clients before joining the Summit County Executive’s Office.

Sherri Warner, Director, Roetzel Consulting Solutions

Sherri focuses her practice on lobbying and government relations. She has more than 25 years of political, association and government experience, with expertise in operations and management, lobbying and government relations, strategic planning, contract review, legal compliance and revenue generation. Throughout her career, Sherri has built a proven track record of success working with the Ohio Senate and collaborating with elected government officials.

As a former policy analyst for the Ohio Senate, Sherri has extensive knowledge of the legislative process. Her professional experience also includes the crafting of crucial legislation, such as tort reform, tax law changes and health care policy. She also formulated and implemented an out-of-state Workers' Compensation Program and helped pass legislation to limit company's out-of-state exposure.

She spent more than a decade representing the Ohio Trucking Association providing her with in depth knowledge of the issues facing the transportation and logistics industry at both the state and federal level. Her experience included working with companies of all sizes providing a wide range of services.

Sherri has served as a Beneficiary Ombudsman for the Bureau of Managed Care Division of the Ohio Department of Medicaid, as Legal Counsel for the Ohio Trucking Association, and as Legal Counsel and CFO of the Ohio Republican Party.

Joe Stevens, Director, Roetzel Consulting Solutions

Joe advocates for clients before the legislative and administrative branches of government in Ohio, including those in healthcare, energy, primary/secondary education, higher education, performing arts, non-profits, sports/recreation and the amusement industry. He regularly develops and directs strategic actions on behalf of clients to help them achieve their goals by leveraging relationships with key legislators and government officials.

Prior to RCS, Joe served as a corporate government relations executive for several major organizations and has successfully represented companies and trade associations on legislative, regulatory, and procurement matters. His experience began with service in state government and went on to representing companies on public policy matters before state governments in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, as well as the Congress and the federal government.

Hailee Kepchar, Associate Director, Roetzel Consulting Solutions

Hailee aids the Roetzel Consulting Solutions team by providing a variety of research support for matters regarding private, public, and nonprivate entities with the goal of developing and executing strategies to position clients for success in the political process.