Apr 3, 2024

Legislation Introduced in Ohio General Assembly to Increase Minimum Teacher Salaries

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House Bill 411 has been introduced in the Ohio General Assembly to increase the minimum salary schedule for Ohio teachers that is found in Ohio Revised Code 3317.13. 

The proposed legislation would increase the teacher annual base salary for holders of a bachelor’s degree from $35,000 to $52,000. The annual salary for bachelor’s degree + 5 years’ training would increase from $36,330 to $51,900. A beginning master’s degree-level teacher would earn a minimum of $54,750, up from $38,325. 

House Bill 411 proposes similar increases in annual salary for teachers with experience, capping out at $70,900 for a bachelor’s degree-level teacher with 11 years of experience (up from $49,630; $75,550 for a bachelor’s degree + 5 years’ training (up from $52,885); and $81,150 for a master’s degree (up from $56,805).

The proposed legislation is currently in the House Primary and Secondary Education Committee.

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