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Spring 2019 | Bad RAPutation: How The Rule Against Perpetuities Affects Non-Judicial Modification Of Trusts Under Fla. Stat. § 736.0412
April 2019 | Supreme Court of Ohio Takes Up Oil and Gas Statute of Limitations Question
Recent litigation over statute of limitations issues in the context of oil and gas leases highlights the importance of diligence when analyzing ownership of mineral rights in the context of the validity of oil and gas leases. Landowners, who would ot...
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Mar 29, 2019 | Upcoming FDA Hearings May Have Huge Impact on Cannabis Industry
There could be big changes on the horizon regarding the regulation of CBD (cannabidiol), the non-psychoactive chemical compound which can be extracted from hemp and marijuana. It is gaining popularity in various health and wellness products for the r...
Mar 25, 2019 | The Dangers of Online Reviews — And What to do About Them
"Lately, I have been contacted by several medical practices complaining about negative reviews and comments being posted on Google, Yelp, and other physician review sites. This is an ongoing frustration for physicians whose reputations can be greatly...
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Mar 19, 2019 | Employment Decision Based on Employees’ Years of Service Does Not Necessarily Violate ADEA
Gone are the days where an employer can take action, such as force an employee to retire, simply because the employee has reached a certain age.  But, is it necessarily a violation of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (“ADEA”) if adverse actio...
Mar 13, 2019 | Caring for Patients as They Enter Adulthood
"When my children became teenagers, I allowed them to see their orthodontist and pediatrician by themselves for minor issues. Nothing disastrous ever happened, and the providers never had any issues or complaints. That was great for me as a working m...
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Mar 11, 2019 | Attention Large Employers: The Obama-Era Pay Data Rule is Back in Play
A federal judge has reinstated a rule requiring large employers to report pay data by gender and race to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The EEOC adopted a new pay data rule in 2016 during the Obama administration in an ef...
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Mar 8, 2019 | Ohio Property Owners: Deadline for Appeal of Property Taxes is Fast Approaching
If you own real estate or are contemplating a real estate purchase, give some thought to your property taxes. Specifically, give some thought to whether you might be able to reduce your property taxes. Every parcel of real property in Ohio is reap...
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Mar 8, 2019 | The Department of Labor’s New Overtime Rule Stakes Out Middle Ground on Pay Threshold for Overtime Exemption
The Department of Labor (DOL) has issued a proposed rule setting $35,308 as the new minimum salary threshold required for workers to qualify for the “white collar” overtime exemption under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Under the proposed rule, all sa...
March 2019 | Ohio Appellate Court Limits the MTA and the DMA in Mineral Rights Dispute
On February 6, 2019, th Seventh District Court of Appeals issued its decision in Miller v. Mellott, 2019-Ohio-504, regarding Ohio's Marketable Title Act (MTA) and its application to extinguish mineral interests, being in conflict with the Ohio Dorman...
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Feb 28, 2019 | Illinois Employee Rights Update – Toeing the Line on IHRA and NMWA
As Illinois employers look to hire new talent in the upcoming year, they should be aware of key provisions of Illinois law that have a direct impact on their employees. The first concerns the Illinois Human Rights Act (“IHRA”) and the second centers...
Feb 22, 2019 | Profit-Sharing that Works (and Complies with the Law)
"Medical practices are always looking for new ways to incentivize employed physicians to improve the profitability and efficiency of the practice. This often takes the form of profit-sharing plans, incentive bonuses, and the like. I have seen some of...
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Feb 21, 2019 | HHS Releases Guidance for Health Industry on Voluntary Cybersecurity Practices
The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has released a publication entitled the "Health Industry Cybersecurity Practices (HICP): Managing Threats and Protecting Patients." The HICP was prepared in response to the mandate set forth in the Cy...
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Feb 20, 2019 | Lawsuit Aims to Vacate OSHA’s Electronic Recordkeeping Rule
Public health organizations filed a lawsuit against the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) seeking to rescind the agency’s electronic recordkeeping rule. Back in 2016, OSHA issued a new regulation requiring employers with 250 emp...
Feb 4, 2019 | Don't Give Employees Unrestricted Access to Medical Records
"I recently assisted a physician being audited by state investigators. We worked together to gather the medical records, then briefly reviewed them for completeness and content. They appeared to be quite thorough. However, when we were ready to su...
February 2019 | Ohio Supreme Court Interprets the MTA to Preserve a Severed Mineral Interest
On December 13, 2018,the Supreme Court of Ohio clarified the type of deed reference that would preserve a reserved oil and gas royalty interest from being extinguished under the Ohio Market Title Act (the “MTA”) in Blackstone v. Moore, 2018-Ohio-4959...
February 2019 | Not Fake News, But Fake Claims-A Federal Court Dismisses Nine of Twelve Claims in Plaintiff's "Shotgun" Style Complaint
USDC Southern District of Ohio hears Moran v. Ruan Logistics, Corp. and rules on the shotgun style complaint.   *Reprinted with permission from “Not Fake News, But Fake Claims-A Federal Court Dismisses Nine of Twelve Claims in Plaintiff's 'Shot...
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Jan 18, 2019 | OSHA Increases Civil Penalties
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has announced it is increasing civil penalties for 2019.   Under the increase, the penalty for Serious, Other-Than-Serious, and Posting Requirements violations are now $13,260 per violation. The pe...
Jan 18, 2019 | The Dangers of Self-Prescribing
"Much of the focus of late has been on the opioid epidemic. Many medical practices, particularly those that prescribe significant amounts of controlled substances, have retrained physicians and other providers on prescribing opioids. Many have also u...
Jan 15, 2019 | Stepping Into Mom and Dad’s Shoes
Succession planning for family-owned companies