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Alert | Corporate Compliance Alert
Nov 18, 2013 | Expanded Antitrust Whistleblower Protections Pass in the U.S. Senate
The language of the bill, as approved in the Senate, provides that, “no employer may discharge, demote, suspend, threaten, harass, or in any other manner discriminate against a covered individual in the terms and conditions of employment” because of...
Alert | Banking Alert
Nov 15, 2013 | Banks Face Huge Costs in the Event of a Data Breach
Cyber insurance, along with appropriate property casualty coverage for physical damage exposure to equipment, data and media, a comprehensive financial institution bond and director and officer (D&O) liability coverage, when combined, offer financial...
Alert | Corporate Compliance Alert
Nov 13, 2013 | Expanded HIPAA Privacy Rules Impose Requirements on Non-Healthcare Businesses in Possession of Medical Records
The Omnibus Rule greatly expands the number of organizations directly responsible for compliance with HIPAA privacy regulations. The requirements of the Omnibus Rule make BAs liable for failure to secure Protected Health Information (PHI), a rule tha...
Nov 13, 2013 | More High-deductible Health Plans Could Pose Ethical, Legal Problems
Alert | FDA Alert
Nov 12, 2013 | FDA Removes Trans Fats From GRAS List
The agency has opened a 60-day comment period on this preliminary determination to collect additional data and to gain input on the time potentially needed for food manufacturers to reformulate products that currently contain artificial trans fat sho...
Alert | Medical Malpractice Alert
Nov 11, 2013 | Roetzel Appellate Specialist Doug Leak Obtains Favorable Supreme Court Decision for Physician-Client Establishing Precedents for Defense of Medical Negligence Lawsuits
After extensive briefing and oral arguments by Doug Leak, the Ohio Supreme Court agreed with the position taken by Mr. Leak on behalf of the physician. In its decision, the Ohio Supreme Court set forth three holdings that will be invaluable to the de...
Alert | Employment Services Alert - Illinoi
Nov 7, 2013 | Illinois State Police Release Sample Sign to Ban Concealed Weapons on Private Property
On July 9, 2013, Illinois passed the Firearm Concealed Carry Act (FCCA), becoming the 50th state to permit the concealed carry of firearms. The FCCA permits Illinois residents and non-residents who meet specified qualifications to apply for a licen...
Alert | Employment Services Alert
Nov 4, 2013 | Deadline for Mandatory Employee Training on OSHA's Revised Hazard Communication Standard is Rapidly Approaching
...the standard requires employers to train their workers on the label elements and the SDS format by December 1, 2013. Training on label elements must include information on the type of data the employee would expect to see on the new labels, how an...
Alert | Employment Services Alert
Nov 1, 2013 | DOJ Announces Record $34 Million Settlement in Immigration and Employment Eligibility Verifications Case
On October 30, 2013, the Indian company Infosys (INFY), a publicly traded company, reached a record $34 million settlement with the Department of Justice (DOJ), to settle "allegations of systemic visa fraud and abuse of immigration processes." T...
November 2013 | Ten things to remember about getting paid on appeal
Oct 30, 2013 | Beware Peer Review Restrictions Before Critiquing a Physician Colleague
Alert | Banking Alert
Oct 28, 2013 | FDIC Issues Warning to Bank Directors and Officers on Exclusionary Terms in Liability Policies
Earlier this month, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) issued Financial Institution Letter 47-2013. In the advisory, the FDIC sought to warn the officers and directors of its supervised banks of a recent increase in exclusionary terms o...
Alert | Corporate Compliance Alert
Oct 24, 2013 | Payments for Lavish Vacations Results in $48 Million FCPA Settlement for Diebold, Inc.
After the SEC entered into the agreement with Diebold, Inc., Scott W. Friestad, an Associate Director in the SEC’s Division of Enforcement, reinforced that, “A bribe is a bribe, whether it’s a stack of cash or an all-expense-paid trip to Europe.” Mr....
Alert | Banking Alert - Illinoi
Oct 22, 2013 | Landmark Decision Clarifies Illinois Mortgage Foreclosure Law
Roetzel attorney Mark D. Belongia has secured a significant Illinois Appellate Court victory for client First American Bank. The landmark decision clarifies the Illinois Mortgage Foreclosure Law and defines the options available to banks against mort...
Oct 16, 2013 | Don't Let Bullying in Your Medical Practice Jeopardize Patient Care
Alert | Banking Alert - Florida
Oct 15, 2013 | The New Lee County Abandoned Property Registration Program Ordinance - How it Affects Lenders
On September 24, 2013, the Lee County Board of County Commissioners adopted the “Lee County Abandoned Property Registration Program Ordinance” with its stated purpose being to limit and reduce the deterioration of property and the protection of neigh...
Alert | Employment Services Alert
Oct 10, 2013 | Banks are Increasingly Becoming Targets of Americans with Disabilities Act ATM Class Action Lawsuits
Just recently, however, ATMs have become the focus of law firms that specialize in representing disabled individuals. Certain law firms have filed hundreds of almost identical ADA ATM class action lawsuits in federal court since March 2012. Some of t...
Alert | Banking Alert
Oct 8, 2013 | Community Bank Pays $8.2 Million Penalty for Money Laundering Violations
Saddle River Valley Bank (SRVB), a two-branch New Jersey community bank whose assets were acquired by Center Bancorp Inc. in 2012, has agreed to pay $8.2 million to settle claims that it violated anti-money laundering laws. U.S. Attorney Paul Fi...
Alert | FDA Alert
Oct 7, 2013 | Owners of Jensen Farms Indicted for Listeria Outbreak
The listeria outbreak killed 33 people and sickened 147 people across 28 states. It is considered the deadliest food-borne outbreak in more than 25 years according to the Centers for Disease Control (“CDC”). U.S. Attorney John Walsh said the case ser...
Oct 7, 2013 | The IC-DISC
Does your company export goods manufactured, produced, grown, or extracted in the United States? If so, consider establishing an Interest Charge Domestic International Sales Corporation ("IC-DISC")...