May 5, 2020

Roetzel’s Reopening America Readiness Team Formed to Help Businesses Reopen

Many businesses around the country are strategically preparing to reopen following weeks of shutdowns. The Roetzel Reopening America Readiness (RRAR) Team was formed to help businesses prepare to reopen their doors during this unprecedented time. 

The team, led by Ericka Adler and Aretta Bernard, consists of Lewis Adkins, Bob Blackham, Monica Frantz, Sara Hall, Paul Jackson, Christina Kuta, Stephanie Olivera Mittica, David Oeschger, Jr., Sherri Warner, Brad Wright and Michael Yashko. Their focus during this unprecedented time will be helping businesses prepare to reopen their doors and return their workforces. 

Because of various state and federal requirements with which compliance is required, the RRAR Team has been working diligently to compile and organize the rapidly evolving federal and state guidance, regulations, directives and orders relating to the real time developing issues associated with the reopening of America. The RRAR Team can provide guidance and advice on best practices, common liability pitfalls and assist with unique case-by-case scenarios impacting businesses. 

To view a list of what the RRAR Team is prepared to help with, click here. For additional detailed guidance on business considerations for the impact of the coronavirus, please click here.